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Howdy & Namaste! I'm Northstar, the founder of Jackson Hole Tantra. I'm based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming (just south of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks).

During college, with no knowledge of Tantra, I had a peak passionate experience during which my consciousness blew out the top of my head and hovered on the ceiling looking down at the two of us. I experienced the whole universe as being composed of points of light and energy. After absorbing this lesson, I returned to my body just as suddenly.

Being a cynic was no longer possible. Direct experience of the Sacred had occurred through this energy. An elderly Tantric master from Hawaii chuckled when told this, explaining I hadn't chosen Tantra; Tantra had chosen me! Much of my life since then has been dedicated to learning more about Sacred Awareness and techniques to cultivate it.

I'm a seeker and a finder. I've explored breathwork, Esalen massage and participated in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies. Ed Abbey & I swilled beer and howled at stars. In Ireland, I stood atop Tara. Travels have led me to see Sufi (Dervish) dancing in a 400 year old camel caravan stop, and go on pilgrimage to Rumi's resting place in Turkey. In a remote jungle village of Gabon (Central Africa), I received a four day initiation into the Bwiti. I've attended a Christmas Kirtan at Ram Dass' home and studied Tantra in a variety of offerings.

I've taken a number of classes in communication and sensuality skills through More University in the Bay area. Formal Tantra training started with workshops through More University and Network for a New Culture. Followers in the lineage of Osho and Kasmiri Shaivism have had a profound influence on my Tantric philosophy.

A thirst for Tantric instruction exists in Jackson Hole. I've given informal instruction to friends since '87, and began developing more formal lessons in '99. In addition to private sessions, I want to interface with other regional instructors and eventually help facilitate Tantra workshops and retreats.

Sessions are fully clothed with no erotic touch. You'll find I have a level of comfort with sensuality and Tantra many in our warped society find alarming. This is appropriate and necessary for the work I do. One of my deepest satisfactions is gained through sharing my knowledge with others.


I am a proudly a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training Graduate.

Courses completed include:

Level 1: An Introduction to Timeless Loving



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