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  • Is Tantra a religion?

Tantra requires no belief system. It is a form of spirituality, meditation, art and internal science. It's an internal science in that the effects are internally observable and replicable. Yogis and Tantrics have developed these techniques over millennia to safely channel primal life energy into heightened meditative states.

  • What benefits will I get from Tantra?

Tantra promotes a healthy sensual life, which is physically and emotionally beneficial. This gives a youthful way of thinking and vivacity which spill into other areas of life. Communication skills developed are essential to ecstatic relationships. Tantra accelerates any spiritual path you follow.

  • Isn't this all about sex? 

Absolutely not. Sessions and exercises develop enhanced vitality and awareness which can be applied to all aspects of life. Sessions are fully clothed with no erotic touch.

  • Is this therapy?

Tantra isn't therapy or counseling. However, because it's a form of meditation and spiritual practice, many feel it has therapeutic benefits.

  • Do I need a Guru?

The Guru is in you. Many spiritual disciplines require you find a Guru demanding absolute dedication, explaining you need guidance and direction to avoid self-delusion. Some people need a Guru. Interestingly, the ultimate message from honest Masters is that the Guru is in you. Check out Sarlo's Guru Rating Service for iconoclastic advice.

  • I'm single. Must I practice Tantra with a mate?

Tantric practices are entirely relevant to singles. You must truly love yourself before you can unconditionally love others. Entwining energy with a beloved can be blissful, but practice with a partner may sometimes be detrimental. Consider situations where the other's heart isn't into Tantra, or is threatened by it. Singles practicing Tantra project energies of confidence and mastery others seek. 

  • How does Tantra affect relationships?

Tantra won't save a bad relationship, but it can make a good one sizzling. Directly experiencing the Divine spark in your partner transforms the relationship outside of Tantra. Honesty and communication skills cultivated benefit all areas of life. Most couples report more bliss and fewer arguments.

  • Isn't authentic Tantra only available through a few people in a few places?

It's been said Tantra is unavailable in the West. Indeed, it's even been written Tantra is only available from one man squirreled away somewhere in the Himalayan foothills. Nonsense. Since when is the Sacred only available to an elite few? Tantra is Sacred Awareness, which has been present in cultures from prehistoric times. There was Native American Tantra, Hawaiian Tantra, Celtic Tantra and so forth. Divine Awareness is not only found under Tibetan rocks; it is also present where you just stubbed your toe!

  • Can LGBTQ practice Tantra?

The Tantric path is for anyone. While instruction is often given in male/female polarities, it is universally understood that male and female energy exists within every individual. 

  • What are your rates?

A free introduction is given via video consultation. Jackson Hole Tantra charges $100 per session. Coaching sessions last 1 hour. The commitment is to provide quality Tantra instruction to sincere, motivated couples. 

  • What if Tantra doesn't work for me?

Tantra isn't a path for everyone. However, you can't lose checking it out. You'll undoubtedly learn a few things. At a minimum, homework exercises will provide a lot of fun!

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