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Howdy & Namaste!

The power and beauty in Tantra perfectly compliment the energy of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Is your desire more, and deeper, intimacy? Have you taken a Tantra seminar and fallen away from practice? Do you want to directly experience chakra energy in a Sacred setting, but don't know how?

Welcome to Jackson Hole Tantra. Tantra uses basic life energy as a seed and harnesses it to meditation, blossoming into ever deeper levels of love and presence. Simple techniques introduce you to the profound core experience of your embodiment. Ecstatic glimpses of enlightenment safely guide you down a meditation path of beauty and wonder. This awareness is the missing key in solving many relationship, societal and environmental problems.

Jackson Hole Tantra gives private guidance to individuals and couples. It's done in an atmosphere of absolute discretion and FUN. Lessons and homework are custom tailored to fit your experience and interests. The goal is to enrich existing relationships, or introduce arts which make the relationship you dream of possible. Whether new to Tantra or seeking fresh motivation and perspective, the instruction engages body, mind and spirit. Clients are given the same level of confidential professionalism expected from ministers, counselors and physicians.

Phone consultation is available.

Toll Free: 307-200-WINK (9465)
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